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Not so! It is is still going strong, and if I had to name the number one vintage collectible for it would undoubtedly be Pyrex! Not to be confused with more recent issues, it is Pyrex products from through the late s that collectors are looking for. After the war, Pyrex products were made of this opal glass and decorated with bright solid colors or patterns. Be it an online shop, one of our local antique malls, or on a table at a neighborhood yard sale, collectors are willing to pay top dollar to get that one piece to complete their collection. By the nature of its design, Pyrex is a collectors dream because the majority of it came in sets, and you simply must have the full set! Serious collectors are amassing huge collections of the popular kitchenware including refrigerator sets, nesting mixing bowls and salt and pepper shakers. Chip and Dip sets were at the peek of their popularity from to and two of the top sellers were produced by Pyrex. Both of these are turquoise and white.

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RSS Feed. One of the fun aspects of collecting opal Pyrex is being constantly surprised when never-seen-before items are rediscovered. Some re-discovered items, like a new prototype pattern, are easy to spot for avid collectors.

Another rare primary Pyrex in PA Vintage Bowls, Vintage Kitchenware, Vintage Dating Pyrex Ware – The Pyrex Collector: Information for The Vintage Pyrex.

You may want to ask yourself:. How do you know that the molds used to make the bowls were not sufficiently worn out so the impression did not take? Ok, end lecture. This is the first of the 4 piece multi-colored Pyrex mixing bowl sets that were introduced in the s, often called the Primary Color Bowls or the Series Color Bowls. If there is any one set that embodies collectible vintage Pyrex, this may very well be it.

So I changed it to that for awhile. I have no idea however, if they changed the size later. Or if they just changed the wording later. Or if the original capacity was wrong on the box. Please do not write in about it…. Though fairly common, the popularity of this set is unrivaled. So if you have a set of Primary with no numbers on the bottom, you might want to hang on to them.

Bill also cleared up some of the mystery regarding why certain Primary Color sets have different colors, at least for the larger bowls.

Vintage Pyrex Nesting Mixing Bowls in Primary Colors

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have a set of primary bowls: Yellow, Green, Red, and blue large to small.

Also here are some smaller primary’s. I currently have 9 Bowls in the Primary colors. Its wonderfully strange how something as simple as a set of bowls can bring.

Morgan Mancha has more than 3, pieces of Pyrex, enough that she can’t possibly keep everything on display despite her four hutches. Courtesy of Morgan Mancha hide caption. In , an advertisement proclaiming, “Bake in a glass! Corning Glass Works in New York had created a product that allowed food to be mixed, baked and served all in the same dish.

By , 4 million pieces of Pyrex — a new, durable glassware — had been sold to customers throughout the United States. Compared to modern kitchen items, vintage Pyrex — which is heavy, increasingly expensive and not dishwasher safe — doesn’t seem immediately practical. Yet people remain obsessed with the old Pyrex — not just to look at but to actually use. Michael Barber, author of the Pyrex Passion blog and guides to various patterns and colors of the dishware, started thinking about vintage Pyrex while helping his mother clean out her house.

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Vintage Pyrex A Guide to Pyrex Standard patterns were manufactured for at least two years, while promo patterns hawaiian only featured on a limited number of pieces for a limited time. As you can imagine, promotional Pyrex patterns can be quite expensive. Scroll through our Pyrex Pattern Timeline to find your favorite.

I would trade my vintage primary color pyrex mixing bowls for this set! To die Dating Pyrex Ware – The Pyrex Collector: Information for The Vintage Pyrex Glass​.

The Pyrex obsession—or should we say passion —is real. Plenty of us are still holding onto our mom’s or grandma’s colorful nesting bowl sets and pretty patterned casserole dishes, and there’s even a blog and a Facebook group for the more dedicated collectors. The company has been around for more than years , after all. But did you know your durable glassware might actually be worth something well, beyond cherished childhood memories?

Do some research to determine the year and style of your Pyrex: You may just have a rare find on your hands. Added a new friend to my Agee bakers today Golden Vector in Tango ageepyrex agee vintage vintagepyrex orangepyrex opshopping retro kitchenalia. Maybe even more surprising than their value is the fact that people continue to use them regularly in baking and cooking.

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Why not? Many collectors love Pyrex simply because it reminds them of childhood. For still others, the fun of Pyrex is in the thrill of the hunt. Vintage Jadeite and Fire King have similar followings. This sudden surge in popularity makes some Pyrex collectors wary. Pyrex hunting and collecting is fun and easy, if you know what to look out for.

The iconic set of four stacking mixing bowls in primary colors (also still in Mom’s kitchen cupboard) came along in In , Corning divested.

They would be fun to use and would make a fantastic addition to any Pyrex collection! First produced in a range of Harlequin colours, they are square with a handle and stack nicely. With a pattern that is different to Agee’s ‘Strawberry Fair’, these are rare, unknown pieces that may have been produced only in a small…. This bright orange Pyrex space saver casserole with a rambling rose pattern is a great piece of retro kitchenware and a rare Pyrex find!!

Made by Australian Agee Pyrex, this dish was specifically produced for the New Zealand market making it very rare. It features the three point crown logo on the base dating it to after The lid is in a patterned glass and has upturned handles. This dish is in good vintage condition with no chips. It has a scrape on the front visible in the first photo…. This JAJ Pyrex Lobster dish features a cheerful, bright ‘s style pattern of a lobster with produce in red, green and mustard!

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Pyrex is a trusted brand name of ovenware that has been in business for over a century, started as a part of Corning Glass Works. Vintage pieces are still used in today’s kitchens. The easiest way to identify whether your piece is antique or vintage is to examine it. Pyrex glassware made by Corning Glass Works was originally clear. In the mids, however, colored and patterned bowls and casserole dishes began appearing and are what many collectors seek today.

Pyrex has been popular in kitchens everywhere for over a century. It’s incredibly durable, can withstand heat and cold, and comes in absolutely adorable colors.

It was first introduced in as low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass for laboratory and kitchen glassware by Corning Glass Works, but it wasn’t until that Pyrex bakeware was available for purchase. Over years after the invention of one the greatest American glassware, the brand is as popular as ever. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the dishes are durable and able to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.

However, the other factor behind the brand’s popularity is their unique designs. In the early s, Corning started adding designs to their opal cookware and today, there are over different patterns available. Some of these patterns were eventually discontinued, making them popular among collectors, who often call themselves “Pyrex Junkies.

Pyrex dishes with vintage designs, like the rare “Lucky in Love” pattern, are now selling for hundreds of dollars on auction sites like eBay. These dishes were first introduced in and remained on the shelves until They were released alongside the geometrical Snowflake-print bowls, and were the first to feature a design created by a screen-printing process.

The Pink Daisy designs were also popular because the casseroles came in different sizes and included lids! Today, these space-saving dishes are worth a pretty penny on auction websites like eBay. A vintage 2.

Pyrex Vintage Charm Set of 3 Mixing Bowls on QVC