Indian Matchmaking couples – Who is still together?

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Netflix series Indian Matchmaking is proving to be quite controversial with the series shedding light on the matrimonial customs of the South Asian Community. The Netflix series focuses on a group of singletons from both the US and India hoping to make it down the aisle. One single person many viewers are interested to know more about is Vyasar Ganesan. Texan high school counsellor Vyasar Ganesan was one of the people hoping to find the perfect partner on Indian Matchmaking with the help of matrimonial expert Sima Taparia. Vyasar was then introduced to a veterinarian from California Rashi Gupta with the pair appearing to hit it off. However, the show ended with Vyasar telling his friends and viewers about his difficult upbringing which could be a potential dealbreaker. Vyasar also told Sima about his troubled family life with the matchmaker thanking him for his honesty.

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Is The Talk Of India — And Not In A Good Way

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Netflix ‘s new show Indian Matchmaking explores the ancient art of, you guessed it, matchmaking in India. The show centres on Sima Taparia, a real-life matchmaker from Mumbai who introduces Indians ready for marriage to each other, matching them up based on their and their families’ criteria in a suitable life partner, and consulting with astrologers to determine if a match is destined to succeed.

Over the course of eight episodes, we meet eight of Sima’s clients who are looking for someone to spend their lives with. By the end of the season, most of Sima’s clients are paired off, and it seemed like they were ready to settle down together. Well, now you get to find out exactly how their stories ended As a member of the Indo-Guyanese community, Nadia admits to having been pretty unlucky in love.

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It follows professional matchmaker Sima Taparia as she tries to connect Indian singles both in India and the United States. Some people are calling it binge-worthy, while others call it offensive. Kalita says the show provides an accurate depiction of matchmaking in Indian society.

Vyasar’s match Rashi Gupta talks about life after Indian Matchmaking reveals that cast members now have a common Facebook group for.

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In the two weeks or four years since Indian Matchmaking debuted on Netflix I just checked: It’s 10 days , I have watched my fellow South Asians do what we do best: Rip it apart. The Netflix reality show follows Mumbai matchmaker Sima Taparia as she takes on various clients looking to settle down. It has been called casteist, colorist, regressive — all the adjectives my generation of allegedly progressive Desis use to describe things we criticize or reject about our culture.

It is being maligned, in short, for doing exactly what it meant to: Presenting a multifaceted depiction of Indians around the world through the lens of our collective obsession: Marriage.

The only problem with ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is that it doesn’t live up to your fantasies. Pictured: Vyasar (L), Rashi Gupta (R) Photo Credit.

One of the most adorable couples that Sima Taparia matched on the show, the two happy-go-lucky individuals complemented each other just right. Even though Vyasar later revealed that things did not work out between him and the veterinarian, Rashi Gupta has left a great impression on all Indian Matchmaking fans. After a failed first match with Manisha, year-old guidance counselor Vyasar is matched with year-old Rashi from Pasadena, California.

The two get along like long lost friends when they meet, signaling the start of a great romance. Their first date has them bonding over all things nostalgia — from Nintendo 64 to family in India, to where they live. Rashi seems to approve of the Texan native and so does he. But while Rashi believes in the mantra of c’est la vie, Vyasar hides a dark secret from her.

Fans are curious and here are the answers! Better late than never I miss the city of Columbus, the comfort of veterinary school, and most of all: my friends! Her parents themselves have had an arranged marriage which is why Rashi thinks that its not really different from meeting someone through a mutual friend. Many Indian Matchmaking viewers felt that the show glamorized and at times glossed over regressive aspects of the traditional matchmaking process.

Rashi believes that the show, on the contrary, shed light on them. It’s happening in real life today ,” she confessed.

Are Vyasar and Rashi From ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Still Together Today?

Indian Matchmaking is a Indian documentary television series produced by Smriti Mundhra. Indian Matchmaking was released on July 16, , on Netflix. Mundhra named the casting the biggest hurdle of the show, going through a client list of families and calling to see if they were willing to be on camera.

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Are Aparna and Jay still dating? Is Ankita open to matchmaking now? And most importantly, why did Vinay stand up Nadia??

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