Couples pair off early on night one of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Kasey tried to teach the audience an important lesson on the Aug. All Jake ever wanted to ever do was apologize to Vienna , but her knight-in-shining-armor of a boyfriend is just too stubborn to ever see the good in him. And of course the producers had to make it even juicier this time by incorporating all the love triangles and sexual tension in the house. Mommy was voted the best kisser because she used her voluptuous lips and tongue, blind-folded, to get closer to buying you a house! Ella won the rose, and picked none other than her partner, Kirk. Besides the fact that he has a girlfriend, someone needs to give that guy a mint and save the day!

New ‘Bachelor Pad’ Cast Revealed

Episode 4 of Bachelor Pad airs Monday August 29, and we have the spoilers of who gets a rose and who goes home below. The show should start with us finding out for good: Was it Kasey Kahl or Jake Pavelka who went home and was eliminated on the last show. Believe me, it will be Jake who went home. Kasey and Vienna stay on the show to fight another week.

For her date, Ella will take Kirk DeWindt to a mansion date and a hot air balloon ride. After a make out session, Kirk gets the immunity rose.

Bachelor Pad is back, which means for the next six-or-so weeks, your Ella Nolan: Ella was unhappy with her looks after watching herself on ‘Bachelor Pad,’ so Since her time at the ‘Pad, Gia has been dating New Orleans.

This dramatic season of Bachelor Pad 2 has finally come to an end. We had a chance to chat with our Bachelor Pad 2 experts, David Good and Natalie Getz, to see what their thoughts were about the season finale. What are your closing thoughts on how they chose to play the game? Do you think they will remain together long-term? He said: I think they played the game great! People can dislike them as a couple but they still controlled the whole show till the end. Things got pretty crazy in the latest episode of Bachelor Pad 2.

We saw Melissa flip out, Erica make the moves on Jake and a showdown between Kasey and Jake for the final rose. After the episode, we were left shaking our heads that Mr. Pavelka was actually eliminated, and were anxious to get thoughts about the dramatic episode from David Good and Natalie Getz, winners of Bachelor Pad 1. Were you surprised the men did better at the synchronized swimming challenge? What factors were most important to you as you were judging the performances?

He Said: I was a little surprised until after and sat down and thought about it.

All Your Spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2”

Omg, Melissa is such a train wreck! I’m glad she’s gone. Everything about him grates my nerves! I laugh at how Kasey and Vienna are running off their mouths that they are just playing a part on the show and thats not really them. HA HA I dont buy it.

The Bachelor: Season 14 is the 14th season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. He was eliminated before hometown dates and finished in 7th/8th place. Girardi, and Ella Nolan, returned for the second season of Bachelor Pad. Nolan and her partner, Kirk DeWindt, were eliminated at the beginning of week​.

Yes, the show that makes you want to spray your TV with Lysol and rinse your eyes out with Purell has returned, skeezier and creepier than ever. You guessed it — Bachelor Pad! The Bachelor ette franchise is an incestuous little world. So the cast for this season of Bachelor Pad had quite a bit of skanky history behind them. Did you catch all that? And they all have intro packages to remind us who they are! Speaking of which….

The One Eyed

Bachelor Pad ‘s second week opens in the aftermath of the first eliminations , and Kasey is already scheming to get rid of girlfriend Vienna’s ex-fiance Jake Pavelka. Kasey tells us sending Jake home is his main goal now: “I just want to punch the guy but I can’t do it so I will punch him mentally and beat down his spirits and drive him crazy Jake’s a joke. I’ll be damned if I lose the next competition to him.

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Bachelor Pad is an elimination-style two-hour American reality television game show that debuted on August 9, on ABC. Former game show host and news anchor Chris Harrison reprises his role from The Bachelor , while Melissa Rycroft served as special guest co-host for the first season. In March , it was announced that the program would not return for a fourth season. However, one year later after the show cancelled, it was replaced by Bachelor in Paradise.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian of season 2 were married on June 2, They are the only Bachelor Pad couple to get married. The women on the first season were mostly from The Bachelor season The men on the first season were mostly from The Bachelorette season 5. The show may also represent “a second chance at finding love” for those rejected by previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

The contestants live together in a mansion and take part in challenges to prevent elimination, go on dates with contestants of their choice, and choose other contestants to eliminate. At the beginning of the season, each contestant privately votes for a person of the opposite sex to be eliminated.

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Last week’s “Bachelor Pad 2” ended with host Chris Harrison calling Kasey’s name – but we didn’t know if it was because he was going home or if he got the final rose. After three reigning weeks of terror, Jake is sent home. He decides to address the group and basically just says he joined the show to make things right with Vienna. The competition this week really ups the ante: a kissing contest.

One by one, each contestant stands blindfolded as a member of the opposite sex plants a kiss in their lips.

All-star former favorites from Bachelor and Bachelorette compete for another on The Bachelor season 14 (with Jake Pavelka) and Bachelor Pad’s first season Kirk Dewindt, 27, personal trainer; competed on The Bachelorette competed on The Bachelorette season 6; currently dating Vienna Girardi.

Girls wore bikinis and flowered shower caps, guys were all in speedos. Each of them puts on a team performance in the pool, and Natalie and Dave have to choose one winner from each team. Michelle wins for the girls, Michael wins again for the guys. She gives the rose to Graham, and they make out. Date: Michael takes Vienna, Holly, and Ella.

They go horse back riding, Micheal gives Holly the rose again. Shocker, huh? Yes, that did happen. Kasey goes out of his way apparently to do all these nice things for her, and once she comes back from her date, Kasey gives her a ring. I just know he gives her a ring. Rose Ceremony Elimination: Since two girls left last time, no girls are eliminated at this rose ceremony, just one guy. Jake Pavelka is voted off.

Challenge: Kissing contest. Same exact rules as last season.

Graham Bunn Done Competing on Bachelor Spinoffs

I’m glad so many of Ashley’s and Ali’s guys are on there! I cannot flippin wait!!! Love your comments about them and their background – too funny! Oh my gosh i am soo excited to watch this season!!! Wednesday, July 20, Bachelor Pad 2 Cast!!!

For their dates, Ella picks Kirk and the two chat about how much the $, prize would mean to them before they share a romantic trip in a.

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Blake Julian and Erica Rose discuss their ‘Bachelor Pad’ experience

Post a Comment. Last week we ended on the Jake vs. Kasey elimination cliffhanger. The last rose goes to Kasey meaning that smarmy turd Jake is out, but Kasey isn’t much better so isn’t it all lose-lose in the end?

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ABC has released the official list exclusively to EW. Click through for the full release, and check back later this week for exclusive photos of the cast. With so many elements at play to raise the stakes — Vienna and Kasey are currently dating, there is recent bad blood between Gia and Vienna, a friendship has developed between Jake and Gia, and so much more — season two is set to bring fireworks, drama, romance and endless possibilities. Each week the contestants will square off in head-to-head challenges to compete for immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with contestants of their choice.

The winner of each challenge will then grant immunity to one of his or her dates via the presentation of a rose. At the end of each episode, the contestants will vote amongst themselves — the men will vote off a woman and vice versa — to determine which cast members will be eliminated from the competition. Just days after the break-up, she ran back to Michael, but it was too late; he could no longer trust her.

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